Transinterior OÜ specialises in bespoke upholstery, handcrafted to meet our client's requirements. We can cover your interior details using a vast range of fabrics and leathers. We offer car upholstery (dashboards, seats etc.); furniture solutions (boats, hotels, restaurants) and all sorts of customized works. Looking forward to working together on your next project!




If you have something special in mind then we can make that personal solution into reality. Our craftsmen redesign all kinds of vehicles including the interiors of cars, boats, yachts and motorcycles.

We offer flexible solutions for individual items that need upholstery services as well as cater to extensive custom-made work. If you want an interior that is made to your liking and you want to stand out from others, then entrust your vehicle to our care, we will show you what we can do. Each handcrafted interior is unique and you won't see the same design anywhere else.

My name is Risto. I trained to be a joiner but then at 2008, I went to study the profession of saddler abroad at our northern neighbours. Since then, I have been engaged with various saddlery jobs daily. I have rebuilt vintage cars as well as many modern ones. I have upholstered steering wheels, seats, dashboards. I have changed the carpets of cars and boats. I am changing around 10 cabriolet covers every year. I have done interior works on cruise ships in Singapore, Dubai, Spain, Puerto Rico and the United States of America.

Risto Tismus
craftsman - CEO


Risto Tismus


Some examples of our work. Over the years, we have completed very different projects, some of which have been completely unique, and some quite usual.

Need special solution?

Restore the original or redesign your vehicle’s interior with the help of our skilled craftsmen using unique colours and custom stitches.